The Saints

St. Gregorios of Parumala

Our “Parumala Thirumeni”

A Saint of the Orthodox Church of India, whose steadfast adherence to the spiritual way of life involving, constant prayer, meditation, fasting and the simple life of an ascetic enabled him to be the true disciple of Jesus Christ. His famous verse “Prayer brings truth, religious faith, honesty and respect among the people” shows his conviction of the power of prayer as the strong weapon against evil. A humble and simple human soul excelled in the spiritual way of life, brought glory to the whole Christian faith, especially the Indian Orthodox Christians. Today, people from all walks of life throng to his death bed and his final resting place to pray and seek spiritual blessings and intercession for their worldly worries. A pilgrimage to Parumala is a must for the faithful and the multitude of people who come to pray and renew the faith bear witness to the amazing power of the saint’s power of intercession. An extraordinary life- from a humble and simple beginning, to an unparalleled ending within the shortest period of fifty-four years is simply astounding.

The Life history of this saint begins in the priestly family of “Pullithatt Thanagattu” in the village of Mulunthuruthy near Cochin on 15th June 1848. He was baptized by the name Geevarghese.

He studied theology and Syriac at a very young age and showed exceptional talent in biblical scholarship. He was ordained as a deacon at the age of 10 and made a priest at the tender age of 18, begins to show the clear signs of a spiritual life remarkably peculiar and distinct from other priests and spiritual leaders of the times. His mastery of the language Syriac led him to be the interpreter for the Patriarach of Antioch at the Muluanthuruthy Synod in June/ July of 1876. He was soon made the private secretary of the patriarch who found the young Ramban talented and spiritually superior.

He was soon elevated to the order of metropolitan at a young age of thirty-one. His fame spread and people adored him and called him “Kochu Thirumeni”- young bishop. The Young Thirumeni traveled to the Holy land and visited the monasteries, shrines and wrote about it, the first travel journal in the vernacular Malayalam. His frugal way of life and extended periods of fasting took a heavy toll on his life and made his frail body sick. The glorious, blessed spiritual soul of this saint separated from his earthly body on November 2nd, 1902, the most celebrated and venerated day in the St. Thomas Christians Calendar. We, the St. George Orthodox Church also celebrate his life every year and seek his mediation and intercession.

Our Blessed soul, Parumala Kochu Tthirumeni, please pray with us and for us all.

St. Dionysius Vattasseril

His Grace Geevargheese Mar Dionysius, aptly called the “Malankara Sabha Bhasuran” – The glowing Sun of the Malankara Orthodox faith is a multi-faceted personality. His extra ordinary grit and determination even at the most difficult circumstances show the depth of his courage and the deep seated faith in the power of prayer. A true disciple of the great “Saint Parumala Thirumeni” who excelled in all his endeavors and led the faithful in its most challenging time to great victory. When the very existence of the Orthodox faith in the land was under siege and many stalwarts joined forces with the opposing side, He stood like a rock and rod to victory by his sheer power of faith in the almighty Lord. He single-handedly established the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church at Devalokam, Kottayam in 1912 and became its first and foremost spiritual leader of all times. He was compared to Moses by many of his peers for his faith and courage to lead the flock to its great destiny and to the glory he brought for the throne of Saint Thomas by establishing the permanent seat at Kottayam is praiseworthy. We the faithful, St. Thomas Christians will always remember him as the great leader, the never ending beacon of hope for us and seek his intercessional prayers at all times.